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For more than a decade in the service for many customers, in construction, machining and prototyping machines in Lioni (Avellino) Italy

Mecsor Company was founded in 2004 by Soriano brothers, after a decade of experience with established Swiss engineering companies (in the field of precision engineering).



Mecsor Srl is a young and flexible company engaged in various sectors of precision mechanics and has been keenly focused on technology with passionate and motivated staff that increase its value.

Specializing in precision machining (Turning and Milling 3 to 5 axes) for third parties, in various fields of mechanics: Industrial, aviation, food, pharmaceutical , according to customer specifications.

Our current structure allows us to provide a complete service from design / partnership design to the realization of the part required, by means of mechanical processing, any surface finishes through trusted collaborators, assembly of small mechanical subsystems of the details obtained internally, Tested according to customer specifications.

Dalla progettazione on site …

Our experienced technical team is ready to design your every idea, thanks to the best design software …


To create and design 3D models that will pass later in processing, they are used 2 software, VISI and SOLID WORKS.
The software are dedicated to the mechanical design and the milling operations from 3 to 5 axis, and are able to receive 3D models (supplied by customers) in popular formats: Catia V4-V5, IGES, DXF, DWG, STP, PARASOLID.

… to Processing …

A very enviable machinery, technologically advanced and ready to create each piece with an excellent quality!


Vertical machining center QUASER MV184P

The Quaser is the last machine arrived in Mecsor, a high-speed vertical machining center (12000 rpm) ISO 40 3-axis, which has a range X 1200, Y 610, Z 610.

Universal milling Machine DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P

The universal milling machine DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 P high-speed ISO 40 to 5 axis in continuous; Table 700×900, Axis travel: X800, Y 800, Z 800. tool measuring device in the work area Blum Laser; Testator to infrared measurement Heidenhain TS 641


Vertical machining center DECKEL MAHO DMC 104 V LINEAR

Another important machine is DECKEL MAHO 104 V LINEAR, a high-speed vertical machining center, ISO 40 to 3 axes (plus a prepared axis IV) with working platforms X 1040, Y 600, Z 600.

Vertical machining center HEDELIUS C80/2300

The HEDELIUS milling C80 / 2300 high-speed ISO 40 to 3 axes with commuter system work. Racing Aces: X 2300, Y 800, Z 720. Probe Infrared Renishaw RMP 60 (plus IV prepared axis).



The lathe Gildemeister CTX 410 V3 is a universal chuck turning center (2-axis) driven tools and C-axis continuous work area 320×650 mm

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Parallel lathe MOMAC SV260

Lathe with working area 520×2000 mm.
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Turret Milling Machine ITAMA

Universal: ISO 40, axis run X 1000, Y 400, Z 450.
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Automatic and manual band with capacity 320 mm.

… for an excellent product …

Resulting products with an excellent quality, attention to every detail to satisfy the demands of our customers.

… and with a high Quality!!!

Our production process involves the stringent quality standards and impeccable quality control!


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